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BlogSense Newsletter New Release
Hi BlogSense,

Today we have two new major enhancements.
Random post times (Optional) (based on user requests).
New BlogSense Remote Publishing API (in beta).
There have also been a handful of minor but significant updates since the last email I sent out.

We now have the ability to use our own Yahoo Answers API key.
The Youtube Token has been improved so as to give the user the option to not include video descriptions.

How Does Random Time Posting Work?

If the setting to randomize post times is toggled on (its off by default), then BlogSense will check for two parameters also defined in your settings; a minimum hour and a maximum hour. These numbers are based between 1 and 24 and represent the hours of the day. For each post, BlogSense will choose a random hour between our parameters for timestamp generation. Pretty simple eh?

The BlogSense API

This is a work in progress, but is designed for potential integration with other scripts and services. Ive already made two videos discussing the API and one of its potential uses with the Google Reader App. (Part I) (Part II)

Alright! That covers it for now. Im looking forward to working with you guys and improving what we have. Also if your in need of an improvement please head over to the boards and create/bump your suggestion.

Download latest files here: