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BlogSense Newsletter Latest Release Lots of updates Inside
Much thanks goes out to the fantastic BlogSense userbase that helps move things along. Lets look at what is new

Advanced Post Template Editing

In order to make BlogSenses templating system state of the art we now have the ability to edit some of the hard-coded templates within BlogSense. Here are the templates you can now edit to your liking:

Amazon Review Token Template
Amazon Widget Token Template
Flickr Token Template
(NEW) RSS Token Template
Default post templates for Amazon module & Video module.

Two New Tokens: [RSS] Token and [INSERT] Token

By request, we now have a token that will allow us to select a random item from an RSS feed and mash-it into our content.

The [insert] token will allow us to inject content into our posts in three ways, yes spyntax is supported. Just enclose spyntax in [spyntax][/spyntax] blocks.
[insert:middle]content here[/insert] Inserts content into middle of post.
[insert:3p]content here[/insert] Inserts content after the 3rd discovered

[insert::1000]content here[/insert] Inserts content after the 1000th character.

Drop Posting

Can now create campaigns in drop posting mode but these campaigns cannot be automated. Campaigns are allowed to be stored for the sake of saving campaign settings for re-use.

Copy Campaigns

Now there is a button that lets us create duplicates of campaigns on the fly.

Disable & Limit Comments

For the Sources, Youtube, Amazon and Yahoo Answers campaigns we now have the ability to limit the number of comments to publish or disable comments all together.

Proxy Support

Proxy support is fully active now. We have the ability to enable proxies for campaigns and/or bookmarking. We are also directly integrated with Proxy Bonanza.

The Best Spinner API

We now have the option to use The Best Spinner API for spinning content instead of the default BlogSense spinner. You must be an owner of The Best Spinner to use this service and usage is limited to 250 queries per day per account.

Bookmarking Section Improvements

We dropped Onlywire support. We added the option to post to ALL twitter accounts or to post to accounts at random. Each campaign still has option to enable or disable bookmarking for individual services for that campaign. Bookmarking also has its own section now and the log display service has been improved for better tracking. PingFM is still down unless you can hijack an API key from another pre-approved software

Five Filters

For those of you who do not know what this is, it is a RSS tool that turns partial content into full content, and is used an alternative to scraping RSS full content from partial content feeds. In this update we increased the RSS limit to generate a max of 25 posts per feed (instead of the 10 item limit).

Link Cloaking

Added option to treat spiders like humans rather than redirect them to other parts of your blog.

Alright Guys, thats it for now. Im going to make a round of improvements on WP Traffic Tools (http://www.wptraffictools) to get it ready for public release. Please take note that there may be a couple of undiscovered bugs here and there in this release. It might be prudent to wait a week before you update. For my power users please update asap so we can prove the stability of this release!

Thank you for being a part of things,