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WordPress Automation BlogSene Gains Keyword Module
Attention BlogSense!
For the longest time the difference between BlogSense and other commercial available automation programs has been that the others were powered by keyword lists, where as BlogSense focused on everything else in the world of automation but this (I originally didnt want to re-invent the wheel and risk appearing as a WP Robot copy cat).
But as Ive grown as a marketer Ive seen the value in having such an option and have seen how it can help quickly generate and target content at the same time.
BlogSense now has a keyword list powered automation module making BlogSense the most comprehensive autoblogger on the internet to date.
There is a catch though; rather a weakness. BlogSense is still not a strong provider of content generation shortcodes. We have a couple, but not many. Because of this I recommend using other softwares shortcodes, such as WP Robots or WP Mages should help perfect any shortcomings inherent in BlogSense to make BlogSense to perfect automation system.
Here is a video introduction to the latest addition:

In other news. Are you taking advantage of Google Plus or Facebook? I found a like/plus sharing system that Im currently trying out. So far its pretty cool! Check it out here:
Take care and tell someone about BlogSense!
Hudson Atwell
Hatnohat Marketing & Development