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Autoblog: Video Posting
BlogSense allows for auto sourcing and embedding of video content from multiple video websites including and


BlogSense will the RSS service provided by to create feeds based on search terms. Blogsense will move through those feeds grabbing videos and video descriptions, as well as up to the 500 most recent comments. Comments are scheduled to appear 1 per day forever after the post goes live, until all the comments have been posted.

This is to keep posts active and search engine spiders coming back. Automatic comment posting will also help “prime the pump” for live-visitor participation and discussion.


RSS is used all throughout’s content infrastructure, and allows users to create very specific feeds for the shows they are wanting to target. These feeds can contain collections of entire seasons, or can reflect a personal playlist created by the user.

BlogSense uses these feeds to source and auto-embed video, as well as provide descriptions and icons related to each video. Auto-commenting is not available for Hulu films yet.