WordPress – WP Traffic Tools – Pre-Release Discount – From the Developer of BlogSense


You’re getting this email because you have signed up for notifications, or you’re a customer of one of my other  softwares  BlogSenseWp.

I’ve recently decided to release my next project to you guys at a discount before I take it onto the marketing forums.

I’ve never been the best at providing hype for my products, although often times I feel they deserve more hype.  I also never want to overly solicit ideas for a marketers to chase that they are not ready to incorporate into their business… like autoblogging for example.  …Promoting autoblogging as an idea for easy income will always bring people in who are driven by the allure of “easy income”, whereas promoting automation solutions for people who recognize that they need and want an automation solutions will always bring in project oriented customers, and you guys are the best.

So if you  like BlogSenseWP, and consider it a quality piece of work,  I believe you’ll find WP Traffic Tools to be a worthy compliment in it’s features and far reaching potential.  Just like with BlogSense, I intend to develop it and work it along side it’s customer base to make it a strong solution for it’s areas of expertise.

Now what is it?

Currently It’s broken into 4 modules and meant to provide savvy ways to further monetize traffic. The modules are:

  1. Link Cloaking with (optional) spider discrimination…
  2. Redirecting customers based on the keywords they search in Google, with optional spider discrimination…
  3. Advertisement Management - Place ads by keywords detect in the content, or even within the referring url…
  4. And Lite Cookie Stuffing – Very gray-hat technique that will allow you to add insurance to your product reviews and promotions by placing the cookie into the browser regardless if the visitor clicks the affiliate link.

But those are just the simple highlights. There definitely more nifty details and capabilities inside. The best information is on the sales page where I’ve made a short 5 minute video for each section demonstrating it’s potential. On the sales page there is also an in depth written account of each feature.

Sales Page (with videos):




Now for the discount!


The public cost will be 57.00, and that is to cover ownership rights and any future customer service. Since you guys and gals are already customers I’ll give you a super deal and sell to you guys for the $37.00 discount price.


The only commercial alternative for the features provided in the advertisement management section runs for 150.00.


The only commercial alternative for the redirection feature runs 97.00.

There are many commercial alternatives for link cloaking, but none as feature rich that run for less that 57.00 that I am aware of.

So you can tell I’m offering a super deal or a nifty and powerful set of tools.


How to get the discount:

  1. Add the item to the cart at the face value so the page reloads and the item is in the shopping cart.
  2. Paste this URL into your browser and press return to reload the page: http://www.wptraffictools.com/?ch=blogsense
  3. Your price should be updated to reflect the new price!


Yall take care.

Hudson Atwell


Atwell Publishing, 1301 29th St South #11, Birmingham, AL 35205, USA

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