WordPress – Prevent Spider Access

SpyderSpanker WordPress Plugin Saves Bandwidth by Blocking Select Spiders…


Hey Fellas,

I just picked up SpyderSpankers plugin to help keep unwanted spiders off my site and and save bandwidth. In the past there was a free plugin that came highly recommended called Chennai Central , but this plugin is no longer supported and did not provide the options the hand select which spiders to approve or not to approve.

Why should I use this WordPress plugin?

  1. In today’s times it’s not uncommon for more spiders to visit your website than humans and this can cause a serious drain on bandwidth.
  2. There are more un-benificial spiders than helpful spiders. Some spiders are probes for private data centers, others can be malicious spiders looking for holes in security.
  3. Those two reasons were enough for me to bite and I’ve already purchased and installed the plugins on most of my sites.

I’ve picked up the plugin and hopefully some of you find this lead helpful and pick up the plugin too. Cheers!

In the mean time here’s a video provided by the developer that demonstrates the capabilities and settings found within the plugins:

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