WordPress Automation – Switch links to point towards hompage or random post

In this latest update we’ve added two new options to the link management setting:

  1. Convert Links to point at Homepage
  2. Convert Links to point at Random Blog Post.

Our full list of options look like this:

  1. Leave links intact.
  2. Strip links out.
  3. Convert links to site search using anchor.
  4. Convert links to tag search using anchor.
  5. Convert links to point to homepage.
  6. Convert links to point to random blog post.

Each setting provides a unique way to handle links contained within the content being imported from a source. BlogSense sources content from a variety of targeted sources (youtube, contentkaboom network, amazon) as well as provides tools to import content from a limitless variety of custom sources (custom source targeting,link-specific content extractions,rss feed extractions).

Convert Links Screenshot

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