WordPress Automation – Shortcodes – [INSERT] Improvement

We’ve added the ability to insert/inject content into a body of text via number of line breaks. Here’s a copy of the shortcode’s documentation explaining how it can be used:

[INSERT] Token

This token which encloses the content in [insert][/insert] tags will allow the user to insert content into the middle of the main content block. The main content block refers to the content provided by the primary source of the campaign, typically represented by the %postbody% templating variable.


[insert:middle]content here[/insert]

Parameter 2:

This parameter has these options:

  1. middle -will place content directly in middle of content.
  2. #rn – (replace # with a numeric value) – Will place content after # occurrence of \r\n.
  3. #p – (replace # with a numeric value) – will place content after # occurrence of </p>
  4. INT(Number) –  Will place content after the character count provided


More Examples:

[insert:3p]content here[/insert] – places content after 3rd paragraph.

[insert:10rn]content here[/insert] -places content after 10th linebreak.

[insert:1000]content here[/insert] -places content after 1000th character.

[insert:middle]content here[/insert] -places content in middle of body of text generated by post template.  Our systems will attempt to not interrupt a sentence.


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