WordPress Automation – Automatic Tweet Hashing with BlogSense WP

BlogSense WordPress Automation – Update

Blogsense now provides tag-to-hashtag automatic hashing of tweets.
We can attempt to create hashtags from the title of the imported post,
as well as use tags already associated with the post content
within the WordPress system.

Hashing your tweets can result in increased exposure,
helping readers to find your content
which in turn increases your chances of gaining new followers
as well as increased the chances of other’s retweeting your tweet
which in turn increasing your overall traffic
and improves the scope of reach of your twitter account.

There is also the possibility of creating brand new
hash trends through auto hashing.

Hashing is completely optional.
We control hashing at the campaign level.
It’s very easy to auto-hash tweets imported
from one RSS feed while posts tweeted from
another feed are left unhashed.

We hope you enjoy this new BlogSense WP Update!

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