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Facebook Publishing Module

BlogSenseWp provides the ability to remotely publish status updates to Facebook. When users create a campaign they will have the option to push updates to their facebook page. A template system is provided to help design how the content is delivered. Publishing is controlled at the campaign level, helping the user to leverage all of […]

  • Facebook – Liking a page subscribes to a FB Fan Page

    I read a promotional email the other day describing a WordPress plugin that re-routed facebook page likes to a Facebook Fan Page like , automatically subscribing the visitor to a fan page. I am not sure if the plugin likes the 3rd party page as well as subscribes to the Fan Page or just re-routes […]

  • Evinar.com brings ticketed live streaming events to Facebook

    A new startup, Evinar.com, has invented a Facebook app that leverages Facebook’s event creation system to help schedule, populate & broadcast live streaming events with chatrooms included. Viewers can participate for free or buy a ticket to participate. So that sounds sooper cool and hopefully your future eyes are lighting, but for for those who […]

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