WordPress – Plugin that seeds related authority links into your posts to improve your own site’s authority standing

You probably have already heard about this strategy; that articles are likely to be more valued by Google’s algorithms if the algorithm discovers outgoing links to other sites with well establish repute.
Some colleagues of mine have been toying around with the idea of using automation to auto suggest related authority link from sites like nytimes.com, mashable.com, reuters.com, tumblr, google+, etc. These links would be embedded into insert paragraphs or listed bullet style at the bottom of the post.
Well while we were over there strategizing, a fellow programmer friend, Matt Lewis, was already developing the concept and has now released it in a new plugin  for the public.Matt Lewis is known by his newsletter service as Maximizer Matt and he helped create the PingbackOptmizier that auto generates RSS Feeds of your pingbacks and submits them to aggregation directories to help build backlink power for your backlinks. It is an ingenious little plugin!

So if you are interested in investigating this technique then head over to the WSO page  and give it a look.
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3 Comments to "WordPress – Plugin that seeds related authority links into your posts to improve your own site’s authority standing"

  1. 含浩 wrote:

    does blogsensewp support chinese languange?
    does blogsensewp can get content from any url through Custom Sources Module or other module?

  2. Hudson wrote:

    We try to provide support for all languages. Yes it’s custom source module allows for content importing from any site, results & techniques for extraction vary. We have a content extraction system that attempts to guess at the best content, and a scrape parameter extraction alternative system. The latter has a high learning curve because it requires a user to be able to read source code and determine the best places to stop and start extraction. We use the Yahoo Search engine to help find content for a source, so the content must be indexed in order to source from it when using this module.

  3. 含浩 wrote:

    can blogsense support free update when I buy it for $95 dollar one-time pay?
    can I get content from the site which is writen with chinese language ?

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