Import Vimeo RSS into WordPress Blog with BlogSense

Recently BlogSense added support for Vimeo RSS. Vimeo’s RSS feed doesn’t naturally provide the embedded content in their RSS feeds, but they do provide information on the artist and a screenshot of the video. Google’s RSS Reader automatically builds the video… and this type of functionality was definitely possible with BlogSense.

A simple vimeo rss detection filter was added that automatically builds an embed out of the video link and adds it to the top of the RSS content. The results are not too bad, but not well formatted either. To make it perfect we have to do some trickery with BlogSense’s search and replace feature and theme CSS editing.

Add this now to your style.css template file:






This will cause the thumbnail of the video to float to the right of the extra content that sits right under the video.


Turning content that looks like this:


Into content like this:



See this inginuity in action here:



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