Get WP Traffic Tools at a Discount for a Limited Time – WSO Promo


WP Traffic Tools is one of the coolest things
I’ve ever helped produce. Most of you getting this email
already own it and have helped me promote it by
saying good things about it and you rock.

I’ve a dime sale going right now where you can get
the plugin in it’s entirety (all the modules) for less 
than $30.00 and the price increases by .10 cents every sale.

Dime sales are pretty cool!
It will keep going up until it stabilizes at it’s 68.97 retail price
so here’s an opportunity to save bucks if you haven’t purchased yet.


What else have I been doing? Well I’ve been working on a
desktop based social network curation software for awhile now…

Nothing blackhat, but just some tools that helps automate your
networking capabilities with a focus on Pinterest and Google+.

This latest law suit against Tweet Adder and Tweet Attacks is pretty brutal though.
I’ve no desire to offer mass account creation and automated liking…

I do want to provide RSS automated posting and auto following
of boards and people based on keyword topics.
…I’ve even a prototype working well for me.

Wanna see?

Check out my pinterest account  and you’ll see where I’m using the RSS
to power my ‘Premium WordPress Themes’ section. People are following, liking,
and even re-pinning. No sales yet but it sure is cool for passive activity
and if I can ever prove myself worthy as an informer I’m sure sales will catch…

I’m not sure how I’m going to approach the release though…. I don’t want anyone
suing me. period… But there is decent application for what I’m trying to produce
so if I do get this off the ground and release it and you become a spam kingpin
and I get sued… well then… there’s not much I can do about it.

I’m keeping an ear out on API releases that validate my software and then we’ll see what happens with this adventure. If your interested in being on a beta for this if I ever get one
running send me a reply and I’ll store your reply in an email folder.


Moving back to the WSO . The affiliate opportunity for it is amazing. I’ve commissions set
at 60%. Send them there and you will get most of the profit.  Here’s the affiliate offer!  It’s a great offer. Have any power?


Like the copy on the WSO?
I can’t take much credit for it.
My boys Matt Lewis and James Campbell helped me out in writing it.

But it’s good right?

It’s like reading dub step
with all the switch ups and drops.

Sales copy could go own for infinity…


In other news:

Alright that’s about all for the day!
I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything else,

Hudson Atwell
Cheers and Lather,

Atwell Publishing, 1301 29th St South #11, Birmingham, AL 35205, USA

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