Facebook – Liking a page subscribes to a FB Fan Page

I read a promotional email the other day describing a WordPress plugin that re-routed facebook page likes to a Facebook Fan Page like , automatically subscribing the visitor to a fan page.

I am not sure if the plugin likes the 3rd party page as well as subscribes to the Fan Page or just re-routes the like directly to the FB Fan Page. It would be best if it did both but I’ve not had a chance to confirm.

Why is the concept cool?

Well since this is a news source who’s audience is professional developers and marketers I shouldn’t have to point it out but, still, pointing it out is a labor of love.

Facebook Fan Pages are like email lists. The content you post to a fanpage will be redestributed to all your Facebook subscribers’ newsfeeds where they can like and comment on articles. Fan pages are a great way to interact with your readerbase and pull traffic to your site.

Bonus Features of the Plugin.

The plugin video (posted below) says that you can customize which Fan Page a post’s like button subscribes the user to. This will allow you to target one post’s like to a FB Fan Page while targeting another’s to a different Fan Page. Options like these are good!

How this plugin can help.

It’s deceptive it’s true. It’s most likely against Facebook’s terms of service because in a way, it’s cheating the opt-in funnel standard that Facebook has setup, but still it can be a quick and affective way to build your subscriber list that did not place too much emphasis on Facebook.

Honestly Facebook should provide this option natively in their like button; showing a prompt to opt into a fan page after liking something related to it… but they don’t and so this option is a second class solution.

I’ll probably check it out and give it a try to see if my subscriptions increase.


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