Evinar.com brings ticketed live streaming events to Facebook

A new startup, Evinar.com, has invented a Facebook app that leverages Facebook’s event creation system to help schedule, populate & broadcast live streaming events with chatrooms included.

Viewers can participate for free or buy a ticket to participate.

So that sounds sooper cool and hopefully your future eyes are lighting, but for for those who like to be spoon fed by love you may ask… “but what can this be used for Hudson?”

Here’s a list of ways we’ll probably see this leveraged:

»Venues can super extend their scope of audience if they began broadcasting their shows live on facebook. They could offer a reduced cost ticket for attending the online stream rather the venue show.

»Podcasts and off the wall shows could be hosted on Evinar, increasing their chances of shows going viral and instantly expanding their facebook audience.

»Musicians with popularity can stage mini shows to help boost morale or just spend good time with their fans.

»Skillset trainers can host their webinars on the platform and charge access for their training or increase awareness of their Facebook presence.

»OWS broadcasters have another platform for live broadcasting and to getting their message across.

Most of this is not new technology. We see live streaming now on both Youtube & Ustream , and live webinars can be held from free services like go2meeting.com and anymeeting.com .

What this app does do is tie in an already successful event coordinating system with a live broadcasting & payment management platform all within the world’s most active and popular social network.

I am excited about how people may, will, and should begin to leverage it for the sake of novelty and creating wealth.

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