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Importing Hulu Items into WordPress

Hello! In this video demonstration we show how we can import Hulu content into WordPress using our BlogSenseWp Automation Suite. First we need to generate a hulu rss feed and then we use our RSS Importing Module to import the content.

  • Autocategorize by categories listed in RSS Feed

    This lastest update allows for auto-categorization while publishing RSS Items, using the <category> XML elements. To use this feature edit any RSS campaign and head to the ‘Auto Categorization’ section and enable Auto-Categorize to ‘on’ and set the filtering method to ‘Look in RSS feed for categories’:     A couple of noteworthy tidbits about […]

  • Bing Translation Notice – Upgraded to Azure Marketplace API

    Hello! In (long version number I know) we’ve migrated our translation api to Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace translation API. Microsoft provides users with 2,000,000 character translations a month. Power users will have the option of purchasing additional credits at the translation credits marketplace . To use Bing’s Translation API users will have to register an account […]

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