WordPress – Automation – BlogSense Tricks- Adding single paged content from remote site with link url via BlogSense

In this video we see how we can access BlogSense to post remote content from a single page, rather than an rss feed, on the fly.

What we do:

  1. Create a custom campaign.
  2. Name it to something recognizable for future quick access.
  3. Create a post-body template that will work well with broad sources.
  4. Enable partial to full content via Five Filters.
  5. Set any other settings and save the campaign and set it as inactive so it is not included in any automation.
  6. When you are ready, open the campaign in Direct Import mode and paste the remote page’s URL in the RSS Feed input field and press Direct Import.
  7. You should see a customized version of the remote content in a preview mode for editing, ready to be published at your command.

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