BlogSense – Important License Information Inside

Dear BlogSense,
It’s of the most importance to let you know that BlogSense has immediately changed it’s licensing strategy to prevent a loophole in it’s system. 
As of now, the Single-Domain license will only work on one blog install per license. It has been known to me for quite some time that the this license could be used effectively to create power almost unlimited blogs on one domain name. I’ve even encouraged this. But now it is time to close the loophole to protect the financial continuity of BlogSense. 
I will also soon be closing down the option to purchase a lifetime license, and hopefully bundling all my products under one master license that will be provided at a low monthly subscription cost. This will not affect those of you who already own lifetime BlogSense license. 
Please read this part carefully as it directly affects you if you own a single domain license. UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION ASAP. Due to the radical change in license strategy YOU MUST update to the latest version or BlogSense will think your license is invalid for your current domain. Sorry for any inconvenience, but today there is no way around it.  For those of you who own lifetime licenses and monthly rental licenses… you will not have to worry, nor are you pressured to upgrade (although you should because the latest version is the most stable of all BlogSense releases).
For those of you who have been using the single domain license to run multiple blog installations please visit to purchase a new unlimited license, or additional single-site licenses for your blogs. 
Thank you!
Hudson Atwell


Atwell Publishing, 1301 29th St South #11, Birmingham, AL 35205, USA

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