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BlogSense uses an in house spining system comparable to Content Boss or the Best Spinner API. Its technology is based on a database of 15,000  sets of inner-exchangable phrases and words.

In order to preserve readability, the default BlogSense spin settings are set to ignore single words and replace phrases in groupings of 2-5 words, but in order to ramp up the spin factor users can alter this setting to include single word synonym replacements, which may hurt readability but will yield 70% spun content.

Content spin with phrases only will yield at a 15%-40% spin rate.

We also support some Spannish spinning too!



Provided by developer John Ledger and has experienced great success in the content modifcation market.


Provided by developer Aaron Sustar and is a new face in the industry. Spin Rewriter is the latest attempt at advancing automatic sentence meaning recognition & rewriting by using a large database of over 750 synonyms with an algorythmic based text reading solution that helps identify the most correct phrase and synonym replacements considering the context of your article.


A veteran in the industry, possibly the oldest service around and celebrated as producing quality results.


SpinnerChief is a popuplar content rewriting service that, like our other services, provides an integratable API for it’s users. SpinnerChief stands out from the others in it’s inclusion of more than 27 foreign language thesauruses and provides a a free account with 20 calls a day for testing before you buy.

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9 Comments to "WordPress – Automation – Text/Content Spinning"

  1. ContentBoss wrote:

    The spinning feature seems to use text translation. Although you’ve somehow managed to find a half decent translation example, in the real world this is a VERY dangerous technique, as it tends to produce syntactical errors that appear similar to the errors produced by cheap spinners, which are easily picked up by most search engines nowadays (most base it on anti-markov statistical analysis). They catch you doing this, you’ll be sorry.

  2. adbox wrote:

    In the beginnings we did use the translation method but it was never recommended. These days there is a custom token-phrase exchange system for spinning, similar to the best spinner’s api, but possibly not as good.

    I’d say text is spun 12-16% and retaining readability in almost all circumstances.

    There are also plans to integrate the best spinner’s api (optional).

    And studying up on new site creation, I believe mashing up duplicate content creating original presentations are more affective than any kind of spinning.

  3. ContentBoss wrote:

    Glad you agree, although you should also realise that ‘the best spinner’ is just a tool for newbies, really. Expecting it to produce readable text without errors on ‘automatic’ mode is hopeful in the extreme, because sentence construction is a ‘binary’ operation, not a ‘statistical’ one (i.e. a sentence is right or wrong, not 75% right). Every now and then we extract the database from ‘the best spinner’ to have a bit of a laugh, because as you might expect of an unedited collaborative thesaurus, there are some howlers in there. And when I say ‘some’, I mean easily enough for the search engines to spot it. If *we* can spot ‘best spinner’ spun stuff, you can bet your bottom dollar Google can too. Just a heads up there before you go to all the trouble of integrating the bs spinner ‘api’.

  4. Ken Sampson wrote:

    In defence I have used ThebestSpinner and I was a member of ContentBoss for a while, guess which one I am still using, hint – it isn’t ContentBoss!!.
    I have come to the conclusion that to get true rewritten content that make sense you need to spend some time rewriting it yourself then use a spinner like TheBestspinner to not only substitute synonyms but to spin whole sentences.

    You cannot 100% rely on automated spinning because you’ll end up with gibberrish somewhere in your article.

  5. Danny Thomas wrote:

    Contentboss is much better now. I don’t know whether he’s using a learning engine or what.

    I don’t understand why this guy came here to spam the blogsense blog. If he simply made a rewriter plugin for WordPress it could be used with blogsense or any other autoblog plugin.

    He could charge per wrangle.

  6. OJ wrote:

    can I customize my own synonym list or do I have to use your list of synonyms in your database

  7. Hudson wrote:

    Right now, not currently, but I’m brooding on a way we could do this. Alternatively you could send me you list and I could include it.

  8. OJ wrote:

    No list here, but I want to be able to customize a synonym list for different niches because the words or terms are different for each market..

    Can you do a simple find and replace php array function script because I want to have unique content for different markets

  9. Hudson wrote:

    Right now we have search and replace features that can handle custom commands… they are not globally applicable but they can be setup per campaign.

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