Added SpinRewriter & Content Boss spinning APIs to BlogSense’s Custom Spin API


We’ve already had the ability to use the following spin APIs with our automation module: The Best Spinner, SpinRewriter, ContentBoss, BlogSense’s Internal Spinner(free).

Now these services has been included in our personal Spin API, which allows BlogSense users to leverage our spinning solutions outside of BlogSense’s automated campaigns.  For example, we can take a single article and paste it into our API section, select our service, press spin, and a spun version of that article will be produced.


This same manual spin area can be accessed and operated programmatically (like an API service), which allows us to leverage all our 3rd party spin APIs from one script on the fly. This API mode can be accessed in a POST/Response manner using PHP’s CURL.  This is for programmers who would like to, for whatever reason, use the BlogSense Spin API for spinning rather than using the 3rd  party’s API for spinning.


The BlogSense Spin API can be accessed from within your BlogSense administration area by navigating to:

Toolbox->Miscellaneous Tools->Internal Spinner Tools->Access BlogSense’s Internal Spinner

Screenshot of the manual spinning section:

Internal Spinner & Spin API Service

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2 Comments to "Added SpinRewriter & Content Boss spinning APIs to BlogSense’s Custom Spin API"

  1. TheD wrote:

    Hi Hudson
    Any plans to include Spin Chimp?

  2. Hudson Atwell wrote:

    Yeah sure one day if there’s demand. Vote down for you?

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