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In this latest release we change the way we handle backdating. In the old system we backdated like this:

1. Selected ‘backdating’ for the post schedule setting.

2. Select a date to begin backdating from.

3. BlogSense makes a post one per day.


In the new system we treat it not much different from regular post scheduling. Here’s how we do it.

1. We select any post scheduling pattern.

2. We select any date in the pased to BEGIN posting from.

3. When prompted to answer if we are backdating or not, we select yes.

4. BlogSense will post posts into the past respecting the post schedule setting.

This new process allows for more variability in our back-posting; so as to make it more natural looking if we care to.

If we are not backdating we want to answer no, so that way if, for any reason, a campaign does not post or find any new items for a couple of days, when it does begin posting again it will not backdate and will catch the scheduling system back up to the current date.



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