Importing Hulu Items into WordPress

Hello! In this video demonstration we show how we can import Hulu content into WordPress using our BlogSenseWp Automation Suite.

First we need to generate a hulu rss feed and then we use our RSS Importing Module to import the content.

Youtube Comment Importing

With BlogSenseWp a user can opt to turn on comment importing along with video importing. This will tell BlogSense to import up to 25 comments (API provides 25 in an RSS feed). We can preview comments, translate them, and spin them. But be careful, previewing translatedcomments will cause you to use your Bing translation API credits very fast. Try to limit video results to one when testing and previewing to save your credits!

Also it’s important to understand that BlogSense naturally throttles comment publishing to one per day. So on the first day a video is published only 1 comment will show, and on the next, another, until all comments are published.

How to run a Force Update with BlogSenseWp

A ‘Force Update’ will download and replace the current files with the newest files on the file server. Sometimes the development team will employ ‘soft updates’ which means they change something but do not increment the version number. Usually these cases are involved with troubleshooting customer specific issues with the customer.

How to run a Force Update:

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